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Not My Boyfriend - Monica Anderson

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this. Let’s just start with that. I don’t think there was really anything major I didn’t like about this. It hit all the right spots for me. It was just really good.

‘Not My Boyfriend’ is, I suppose, a typical romance. One of the main characters, Karson, has been badly hurt by a serious relationship in the past, so he’s dead set on never falling for anyone again, or even becoming involved with anyone. Our other main character, Max, is looking for a serious relationship, something permanent. The two are obviously not a good match, but when they meet and start a casual relationship, they end up clicking more than they expected.

It’s a pretty simple plot line, but there was a lot I liked about it. It was believable, to begin with. Sometimes you fall for someone, just want to be with someone, no matter how much it hurts, so I could understand where Max was coming from. And sometimes love hurts so badly you never want to deal with it again- so I could understand Karson’s point of view, too. And even with a relatively simple premise, there are so many emotions and complications to explore, and Monica Anderson does that really, really well. I felt for both characters, saw through both of their eyes. The writing really lends itself to showing the reader Karson’s insecurity or Max’s anger and hope, making it believable and honest, without forcing the reader to any conclusions.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the book was the character development. Most of the focus is on Karson and Max, with a couple side characters thrown in. Every character was well developed, though. Karson and Max were so real to me. They never felt one dimensional- they were alive and complex and their conflicting emotions felt very honest. I think that’s what really made the book stand out for me- it’s not a hugely complex plot, but these characters will stay with me. I’ll remember them as individual people, which is something that I don’t think I can say for a ton of books.

If I have any complaints about the book, it’s that there were some editing issues. I only mention this because I don’t think this was an ARC, but a complete copy. If it was an ARC, then this is nothing to think about. But every time the author used ‘grinded,’ I was jolted out of the story. Grinded is… I guess technically acceptable, but really... it should be ground. And there were a couple of other almost typos that threw me. Again, though, this is really very minor.

The story was romantic, it was tense and exciting, it was sweet, the anger and confusion were believable and true… This just did everything I wanted it to. It didn’t… hold my heart in its hand, or change me, or affect me deeply, so I’m not elevating it to the upper echelon of fantastic books, but it was perfect for what it was. It gave me exactly what was promised in the blurb. I couldn’t put it down. I’d eagerly read anything else this author wrote, and I look forward to more.